Preparation for Sunday June 27th

This coming Sunday we will be considering Psalm 13 during worship. It is known as a Psalm of Lament. Different scholars include different Psalms but there are over 40 Psalms in this category. Approximately 25 are Individual Laments while 15 or so are Community (People of God) Laments.

The most common form is:  1. Intro/address  2. Lament  3. Confession of Trust in God  4. Petition   5. Vow of Praise

Note that in the midst of his lament the writer nearly always includes the idea that “yet” he will still trust in God and a vow to praise God, especially upon God’s answer to his petitions.

A Psalm of Lament in its simplest context includes a Lament and a Reason for the Lament. As Biblical Laments these are distinctly spiritual. The author directs his Lament toward God. The Psalms are as real as it gets in describing real life faith struggles. Laments express our own faith struggles when faced with great trials.

WEDNESDAY June 23rd : Let’s try one. Psalm 30. In it we find

The Problem: Vs 1-3; 8-9             Complaint Against God: Vs 5 and 7

Expression of Trust: Vs 5 and 7    Petition: Vs 10

Solution:  Vs 2 and 10          Vow to Praise: Vs 1 and 12

This is an Individual Lament

Next let’s look at a “people of God” Lament


THURSDAY June 24th: Psalm 74

The Problem: Vs 1, 3-8                 Complaint Against God: Vs 1, 10-11

Expression of Trust: Vs 12-17     Petition: Vs 2-3, 18-24

Solution: Vs 13-23             Vow to Praise: Vs 21


Next Let’s Consider a Lament of the Persecuted

FRIDAY June 25th.     Psalm 3

Problem: Vs 1-2, 6             Complaint Against God: None

Complaint Against Enemies: Vs. 1-2

Expression of Trust: Vs 3-6       Petition: Vs 7-8

Solution: Vs 3-5,7


SATURDAY June 26th      Read Psalm 13 for tomorrow’s service

Try to find some of the elements of a Lament in Psalm 13


Individual Laments: (Illness and Trial)        Psalms 6,13,22,30,31,32,35,38,39,41,51,


Community Laments: Psalms 44,60,74,77,79,80,83,85,90,94,123,126,137

Laments of the Persecuted/Accused: Psalms 3,4,5,7,11,17,27,57,63